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Nice to be a Finalist

Posted in Storage by storageoptimization on January 28, 2009
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My company Ocarina Networks received word this week that Storage Magazine has named us a Storage Management Category finalist in the Storage Magazine Annual Products of the Year Awards.

This is yet another strong validation not only of our business proposition, but of our overall belief that dedupe for online storage–and capacity optimization in general–are becoming must-haves for a wide swath of the business community. This is more true than ever in today’s tough economy.

Our category, “Storage Management Software” is a wide field and the finalists represent everything from EMC’s virtual infrastructure support to Nirvanix’s CloudNAS to Symantec’s storage and virtual server management portal, and so on. The common thread, however, is a focus on getting more from less–whether it’s deduplication for primary, thin provisioning, virtualization, or storage in the cloud, this theme is apparent in just about every entrant.

Thanks to the people at TechTarget and we look forward to announcing that we’ve won the category when the results come out next month.


What’s Hot in Storage — Spending Less

Posted in Featured,Storage by storageoptimization on July 18, 2008
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Byte & Switch has once again released its “Top 10 Storage Startups to Watch” for 2008, and it’s definitely worth a read. My company Ocarina Networks was on that same list last year, and so I can say with confidence that they got it right at least once before. 

As reflected in this year’s list, data reduction technologies continue to be hot. Makes sense in a down economy that anything that increases capacity will continue to get budget dollars. As we’re finding, dollars for stuff like Ocarina is already there in every data center’s budget – it’s just listed as disk expense. We’re not only ahead of our revenue goals for our storage optimization product launched in April, but we’re having to triple the size of our sales force to keep up with demand. 

If you have planned to buy 100 TB of disk, and can spend half as much for an optimization solution that shrinks your files that means you don’t have to buy any disk at all. A win all the way around. While Ocarina started out with wins in large web sites – where the fastest year-to-year storage growth is taking place – we’re now seeing installs in life sciences, energy, movie studios, and finance.  

The chief takeaway from what I’ve seen: some nice-to-have new technologies may be facing a tough summer with an economic downturn, but data reduction scores high on both saving money and green IT, and is likely to stay strong, or maybe even move up in priority, during a down cycle in storage spending.