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Please Update Your Links – New Blog Address

Posted in Uncategorized by storageoptimization on February 10, 2009

As promised, the Storage Optimization blog is getting a major facelift, with a brand new URL. This WordPress web address will soon disappear, so please update your links, RSS feed, and bookmarks.

The timing of this update is particularly poignant–it has been almost exactly two years since Ocarina Networks was first formed by a small group of dedicated folks who recognized the upwardly spiraling data growth problem for what it is: an opportunity to innovate.

The new blog will include regular news and commentary from our staff and writers, as well as plenty of guest posts from industry observers and insiders. All of this is aimed at helping you determine what you need to know when making decisions about storage. We sincerely hope you’ll enjoy it.

Again, the new link is It is live now, so please update your settings!


Rackspace down – what’s the lesson?

Posted in Uncategorized by storageoptimization on July 10, 2008

TechCrunchIT reports today that one of Rackspace’s data centers went down overnight due to a cooling issue. This is the second outage in recent months for the company, as they also went down in November after a car accident knocked out their power.

Fact is, data centers are becoming more and more complex, and the need for rack cooling is not only taking its toll on the environment, but is also making them vulnerable to breakdowns such as the one that happened last night. Slowing the growth of such centers needs to be a high priority, in  my opinion. Reducing the amount of space needed for storage – in other words storage optimization – is a highly effective counterbalance to this out of control growth.

Commenting on Compression

Posted in Uncategorized by storageoptimization on June 23, 2008

On Storage Soup, the TechTarget Storage Blog, Tory Skyers wrote a really interesting post on “Compression, Dedupe and the Law” last week that I felt compelled to comment on. He raised a question about what dedupe could mean from a legal standpoint, considering that the data is altered when it goes through this process. 

My response, which you are welcome to read in detail on the site, is to point out one issue Tory missed. That is, that in-band compression is scary for the reasons he outlines, and fortunately, it’s not the only option these days.

The other comments posted are well worth the read as well. Good to hear people debating these issues.

Information Week on Storage Optimization

Posted in Uncategorized by storageoptimization on May 19, 2008

Last week, Storage Switzerland Analyst George Crump penned a guest column for Information Week about the optimization of primary storage, a topic close to our hearts.

The article looks at the various approaches to online storage optimization and how these solutions can help reduce the footprint of online data and help companies effectively respond to the massive increase in information that lives and is accessed via the Internet.

George is working on a series of articles looking at vendors in the space, for the first installment on Ocarina Networks click here.

Disclosure, I am a co-founder of Ocarina.