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NetApp Nabs Best Company

Posted in Storage by storageoptimization on January 23, 2009
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Fortune Magazine has published its yearly report on the “100 Best Companies to Work For.” To everyone’s amazement, the company with the most satisfied employees in the U.S., according to Fortune, is none other than NetApp.

The company was at number 14 last year, and so this is quite a climb by any standards, especially considering that previous winners were among the likes of Starbucks and Google.

Chuck’s Blog, normally a bit acerbic on the competition with his company EMC, writes: “They done good, and deserve all due credit. On other topics, though, it’s still open season …”

Nicely put, Chuck.

What this Fortune award says to us is that the storage industry has shed its image as a backwater–or a place where only the hard core survive–and is emerging as one of the most attractive sectors in all of high tech. With the economy in the dumps, storage is showing itself to be one of the few areas where growth is not only possible, but
inevitable, as the volume of data continues to increase. At Ocarina, we’re certainly experiencing that, and so are extremely pleased to see this recognition of our industry and its value to employees.


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