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This year’s big storage story

Posted in Featured,Storage by storageoptimization on August 5, 2008
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My company Ocarina Networks is one of Network World’s “10 Storage Companies to Watch.” We’ve been given this honor before, by Byte and Switch in 2007. This is not just to toot our horn, but to mention that more and more, we’re confirming our hunch that primary storage is where there is an immense need for new and innovative optimization solutions.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, the kind of data that’s driving much of today’s storage growth–files–demands a file-aware solution for shrinking them down. It’s clear to me that there is an emerging set of opportunities in this space, and we are only beginning to see where this will lead.


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  1. Krishna Deepak said,

    Contrgats for the honor from Byte & Switch. There would be great challenge to Ocarina from the likes of Symentec, NetApp and EMC from their dedupe and compression technologies like EMC’s Symmetric and Clariion boxes

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