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Rackspace down – what’s the lesson?

Posted in Uncategorized by storageoptimization on July 10, 2008

TechCrunchIT reports today that one of Rackspace’s data centers went down overnight due to a cooling issue. This is the second outage in recent months for the company, as they also went down in November after a car accident knocked out their power.

Fact is, data centers are becoming more and more complex, and the need for rack cooling is not only taking its toll on the environment, but is also making them vulnerable to breakdowns such as the one that happened last night. Slowing the growth of such centers needs to be a high priority, in  my opinion. Reducing the amount of space needed for storage – in other words storage optimization – is a highly effective counterbalance to this out of control growth.


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  1. Kaden said,

    I would hardly say that their data center went down, rather than they just had some heat associated problems, and customers impacted. I’m a customer of Rackspace and was referred by another customer. We are both located in Rackspace’s Dallas data center and neither of us experienced any impact from recent power/cooling events. On both occasions though we’ve received information and updates about problems occurring, and that they “could” be impacting. It seems that Rackspace has a number of high profile customers, and when just one of two of them are impacted it’s automatically reported as a blackout, and that’s not the case. I’ve had great reliability with Rackspace. From the information that has come out about the most recent incident, it seems there was minimal customer impact (considering the overall size of their data center).

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