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Nice to be quoted/mentioned

Posted in Analyst,Storage by storageoptimization on June 30, 2008

It’s not always clear whether I’m making an impact, but this past week was one of those times when I realized that some others are taking note of the excitement around and importance I attach to the concept of storage optimization. In a June 27 editorial article in Processor, “Doing More With Less,” I was quoted in a section on “Saving Space” as follows:

“Carter George notes that, ‘… storage optimization is the key technology for utilization of the space needed for data storage. By using this technology, users can shrink existing files by as much as 90%, thus enabling the storage of up to 10 times more data on disks already owned by the enterprise.'” 

That same day, my company Ocarina Networks earned a mention in a post on Jon Toigo’s excellent Drunken Data blog. In a post recalling a conversation with Chris Santilli of Copan Systems, he writes: 

“Chris noted that de-duplication technology was past the hype stage (not sure about that one) but that the technology was still undergoing substantial development — rather like compression in its early days:  a lot of variations, no standards.  He further noted that some interesting work was being done by companies such as Ocarina on improved file type awareness that might help mitigate some nagging technical issues involving de-dupe of data on disks that had been defragged.  (Lot’s of “D’s” in that sentence.)”

Thanks guys. Good to know I can get the word out to the very folks who really know and understand what’s going on.



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  1. jos keulers said,

    HI Carter

    Good to see you back in the spotlights. I spent the last hour consuming the info on the site, and its looking good, very good indeed.

    If you need someone who knows what going on over here, let me know



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